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Authorized Administrators

Society for Human Resource Management is designed for professionals who use tests and assessment products in their work. Since these instruments have differing qualifications for use, registered administrators are assigned a Administrator Qualification Level based upon their education, training, and experience.

About Administrator Qualification Levels

While Society for Human Resource Management does distribute some Level D (Non-Controlled) instruments that are available without specific qualification, most of the business-related and human resource products are Level C instruments.

Level B and Level A are typically reserved for clinical instruments (though some personality and critical thinking tests are categorized as Level B by their publishers).

Administrator Qualification Levels

  • Level D (Non-Controlled Instruments)
    • Individuals with a demonstrated need for testing as part of their professional role (i.e., athletic coaches, trainers, motivational speakers) but without formal training.
  • Level C
    • Bachelor's degree in psychology or related discipline (i.e., counseling, education, human resources, nursing, organizational development, personnel, social work, training) & coursework in the use of test assessments; or
    • Equivalent training under auspices of a reputable organization focused on test assessments; or
    • Membership in a professional organization requiring training & experience in the use of tests or surveys; or
    • Certification by an organization with similar proficiency requirements; or
    • Demonstrated experience in use of test assessments as part of career professional role.
  • Level B
    • Graduate degree in psychology or related discipline; and
    • Graduate-level coursework in Tests & Measurements; or
    • Equivalent training under the auspices of a reputable organization specifically focused on Tests & Measurements.
  • Level A
    • Doctoral degree in psychology or a related discipline; M.D. in the case of clinical assessments, or
    • Professional licensure to practice psychology or related discipline independently.